Static Innox Notes

Turn Any Space into Creative Space with Statically Charged Innox Notes

Static Innox Notes are the new generation notes or Sticky Notes 2.0. They stick on both sides with static electricity to all flat surfaces,which makes them more practical,versatile and long-lasting compared to traditional sticky notes. You can write on them with pencils,pens, markers and the back side is dry erasable.With Innox Notes you can turn any space into creative space!

For Project Planning, Visualizing Ideas, Agile Methods

Innox Notes are an amazing tool for visualizing ideas and projects. The notes can be freely moved and they attach to any dry surface without leaving marks, which means they a great project management tool e.g. for Kanban, Agile, Lean, Scrum as they produce more efficient and productive internal or external meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions, workshops, training sessions and courses.

For Office, Home, Decoration

Innox Notes have dozens of different uses. You can use them for project planning, seminars, agile methods, workshops and meetings. The notes can also be cut with scissors, which makes them an excellent tool for drawing, crafting and decoration.


1. Static Notes stick better than traditional notes to even surfaces and leave no marks

Innox Notes do not contain glue or adhesives. They stick on both sides with static electricity and full-coverage to the flat surfaces.

2. Cling to Several Smooth and Dry Surfaces

You can attach the static notes on a several different surfaces such as metal, cork board, brick, textiles, leather, paper and stone.

3. Dry Erasable Back Side

The white back side can be written on with water-based marker, wiped clean, and reused.


Innox Notes products are made of a polypropylene film with a special coating on the surface to create a long-lasting static charge. Innox Notes are 100 % recyclable, as they do not contain glue. Thus, the material can be recycled or recovered as energy without emissions!