InnoTools specializes in manufacturing of Electrostatic Products. We manufacture Electrostatic Notes, Whiteboards and Print Sheets. We sell our products both under our own Innox Notes brand and we also manufacture custom-branded products for our international partners. All our products are manufactured at our factory in Turku, Finland and our whole production chain is in Finland. InnoTools’ products are sold in more than 30 countries and our main market areas are Central Europe (especially Germany), the Nordic countries and the United States.

Static Notes

Our Static Notes stick to all flat surfaces with static electricity. They stick on both sides with their full surface, which makes them more practical, versatile and long-lasting compared to traditional sticky notes. Our notes can be written with pencils, pens, markers and thus you can create your own creative space wherever you want.

Other Products

In addition to Static Notes, we also manufacture Static Print Material that is used for in-store marketing, large-format printing and interior design solutions. Basically any image can be printed on electrostatic material and the material gains its charge when detached from its backing paper. The printed electrostatic image adheres to any flat surface, such as windows, walls, mirrors, or doors, and does not damage sensitive surfaces. InnoTools does not print at our own factory, we only sell raw materials (both rolls and sheets) to printing houses or companies that print the desired usage images with their own UV, offset, digital or laser printers.

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