Innox Notes A5 3-pack
  • Innox Notes A5 3-pack

Innox Notes A5 3-pack

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The products are sold in three-unit packages, which means that one Innox DIN A5 Pads 3-pack contains 150 electrostatic sheets of the same color. Color options: yellow, pink, orange, blue and green. 

Color: Green


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Electrostatic Innox Notes are made of polypropylene film by InnoTools Oy at our factory in Turku, Finland. We have developed a special coating on the surface of the polypropylene film to provide a long-lasting electrical charge. This coating allows you to write on the notes with different pens, pencils, markers or even with a piece of metal such as keys. In addition, the back-side is dry-erasable.

The Innox Notes do not contain adhesives, but attach to surfaces with electrical charge. The static notes stick to almost all flat surfaces, such as metal, glass, cork, brick, textiles, leather and stone. They can be moved freely and do not stain surfaces.

Electrostatic Innox Notes products differ greatly from traditional Post-It notes and are ideal for visualizing ideas and projects. They are an excellent project management tool, for example on Kanban, Agile, Lean and Scrum walls. The sheets allow you to make any workspace more efficient and productive, and you can organize meetings, conferences, brainstorming, workshops, training sessions and courses in any desired space. All Innox products are manufactured in Finland.

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